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Sponsorship Levels

Our Sponsors help us move mountains; our Warriors are NEVER charged for training.  Training a K-9 Line Service Companion depending on needs, ranges from $3,000 to $20,000.  Basic Obedience is the foundation of all Canine Service Companions. 


Meeting the needs of our Warriors is a K-9 Line Service Companion.  


The K-9 Line Service Companions begin with 3 Tiers:

Tier 1 - PTSD / Anxiety Canine Service Companion

Tier 2 - Singular Physical Assistance Canine Service Companion 

Tier 3 - Severely Handicapped Canine Service Companion


During training Warriors and Canine's learn together to become a Team.  It takes practice and dedication by the Warrior to work with Trainers to become proficient.  It is a commitment to a life-long process of training by the Team.  And, it is one step in the Warriors healing.  K-9 Line is there for the Warrior during their journey in training and most importantly after training.  They become part of the K-9 Line family from the moment they apply. 

Simply we are...

Please consider becoming a K-9 Line supporter at any of our 9 Lines of sponsorship.  Each level of sponsorship provide training and equipment to a Warrior in need. 


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