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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

OUR story

Veterans Helping Veterans

You Are Not Alone

Since the 1920's canines have been trained in numerous ways to assist their owners in everyday life.  The benefits of a Certified Canine Companion is one part of a Warrior's wellness.  


K-9 Line's mission is to assist Warriors with their transition from service to civilian life.  For many, this has been a life-long journey.  We provide tailored training to the Warrior and their companion, at no cost to them.  We are dedicated to lifting the quality of life for those who have selflessly sacrificed for our country. 


Our vision is to establish a relationship with our Warriors to begin a bond that will last a lifetime; as a family.  Our volunteers and training partner want each Warrior and their families that they are not alone.  

Learn more about how to become a K-9 Line Sponsor.

welcome to the k-9 line family.

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