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How Your Funds Work

K-9 Line treats charitable with the utmost respect and transparency.  Donations are used in three broad categories:

  1. Training Warriors

  2. Raising Funds

  3. Administrative Expenses


Click each category to learn more about the value of your donations and to see how funds were spent for the 2021 program.

Training Warriors

X% of donations for 2021 were dedicated to 16 graduates of the K-9 Line program.  We provided service dogs and training to the Warrior in need.


Raising Funds

Expenses associated with fundraising include: print materials, booth space, and travel costs.


Administrative Expenses

How do we maintain low administrative fees?  Our Warriors and community give back!  In 2021 they have redesigned our website, provided social media and marketing campaign help.  Our short list of recurring expenses include insurance, website fees, and state registration fees.  


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