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Acknowledgment of Responsibility

Incorporating a Certified Canine Companion is a 24/7 responsibility in your life.  In the K-9 Line Program, you will learn skills that help you be successful.  These skills take practice and dedication, and will carry forward for the life of your Companion. 


As a K-9 Line Warrior there are responsibilities within the K-9 Line Program and with our partner, Expedition Security Solutions group (ESS).  Together, we make a whole.  This is what makes us a K-9 Line Family. 

Please review and sign the following agreement.

k-9 line program expectations

As a registered non-profit, K-9 Line receives donor funds to provide training services to you at no cost.  There is a responsibility on all parties to be transparent of how funding is handled and an expectation of completion of your training.  K-9 Line is committed to creating a family of resources and friendships to continue for a lifetime.  To achieve the collective goals your commitment is needed. 


We ask:

  1. Sign the consent for use of images and video to share in your training progress.

  2. Become part of the K-9 Line Family.

    • Attend K-9 Line events and family training days.

      • These events allow you to train and have fellowship with other Warriors, and stay connected to any additional training needs you have.

      • Allows us to share information for program benefits that we work to establish with you.

    • Become a battle buddy.

      • Engage with others in the program and check on your fellow Warriors.

      • Refer us to those you know may benefit from our services.

    • Become a K-9 Line Ambassador. 

      • Acceptance into the program means you are a K-9 Line brand Ambassador.  We make every effort to be available and work to solve questions or concerns.  Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated.

      • Contact us directly, or at the information listed on the website.

  3. Enter the program with 100% commitment.  Expect to follow the training standards start to finish within the program established with ESS.  You should plan for the following:

    • Commit and establish uninterrupted one-to-one time with your trainer.

    • Expect to train intensely per the program established by ESS.  You are expected to show up for each scheduled session and give 100% focus to the skills being developed without distractions.  Prior long term commitments should be discussed prior to entry into the program.

    • We work closely with ESS and monitor your progress with vested interest.  Should you not meet any standard set forth by ESS at any time, we will contact you and discuss your participation in the program.

    • Should unexpected matters arise, contact us immediately.

  4. Share your talents.

    • Warriors give back, that’s what you’re made of.  As you progress in your journey with your Companion, engage with us so we can share your talents for the betterment of future Warriors.

I affirm that I understand my responsibilities for K-9 Line and ESS program requirements.

Save a copy of the agreement for your files by clicking the button.

Thanks for submitting!

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