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Program Requirements 

To qualify, you must be able to answer Yes to all of the Qualification questions.  Proof of qualifications must be uploaded to forward your application for program review.  

Incomplete applications will be held on a wait list.


You must meet the basic qualifications requirements for the K-9 Line program.  Proof of each are required.  At the end of the application you will be provided an opportunity to upload required documents.

Are you a Veteran, Gold Star Family Member or a Contractor who served the U.S. overseas?


Will your doctor provide you a letter stating your medical need for a service dog?

Medical Necessity


As a registered non-profit, K-9 Line receives donor funds to provide training services to you at no cost. 


K-9 Line takes this responsibility of donor funds very seriously.  There is an expectation of the Warrior to complete the program.  Training services are provided at no cost to you; however ownership and care of the Service Dog is your responsibility.    

Review and answer the following financial commitment questions.   

I have the financial means to care for all aspects of my Service Dog.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Nutrition:  providing quality dog food and water, training treats.

  • Routine Veterinarian Care:  flea/tick/heartworm prevention, annual shots, anal glands, microchip, spay or neuter.

  • Emergent Veterinarian Care:  I agree to bring my Service Dog within 12 hours of an emergent health issue.

  • Licensing:  register and license with all with city, state and animal control entities. 

  • Grooming: bathe once per month, nail trim, clean ears and teeth. 

  • Training Aids: service dog vest, leash.  Other aids may be recommended by the trainer.


Please check Yes or No if you are able to accept the Financial Commitment to care for your Service Dog.

Financial Committment
Training & Session Expectations

Transportation to and from training is required.  Training sites vary from location depending on the skills that are being developed.  Every effort is made to place a trainer within a 30 mile meeting point.  Sessions are scheduled based on trainer availability.  Every attempt to work around schedules is made.  It is imperative that when you and the trainer agree on a meeting date and time, the appointment is kept.  Frequency of sessions are generally 2 sessions per week and are 1-1.5 hours in duration.  

Answer the following questions about your availability for training sessions.

Consider your schedule (work, doctor appointments, and other obligations and select your consistent availability.

Day(s) of week I am available:
Specifiy best time

Living Conditions & Activities

The following questions involve your living conditions and general activities.  The answers to these questions will both assist us to gauge canine placement and training activities.   

I live in a
Is your home
Are there others living in your household?
Do you currently other have pets?
Choose all types of pets.

The next questions will cover your daily activities.  We would like to know what a normal day looks like for you.  Include regular outings, interactions with friends/family, regular exercise and other interest you have.

Rate how often you exercise daily.

Daily Activity
NeverSeldom1-3 days per week3-5 days per week5+ days per week
Social Interactions (choose all that apply)

I affirm that I understand my responsibilities for K-9 Line and ESS program requirements.

Save a copy of the agreement for your files by clicking the button.

Thanks for submitting!

We are so glad you reached out!  Our process is simple:  


  1. Do you meet the eligibility requirements? 

    • Are you a Veteran of any era

    • Contractor who served the U.S. overseas

    • Gold Star Family (spouse or immediate member)

  2. If Yes, fill out the application!

    • Submit your DD214 and letter of disability if a Veteran. 

    • If you meet other criteria, please submit applicable documents.

    • Should you have any issues, please email us at:

  3. We will give you a call to answer any questions, follow up on any documentation and welcome you to the K-9 Line Family.

  4. Our Director of Training will contact you to set up an assessment to match you with a handler.

    • They will assess your current dog (if applicable) and your needs to customize a training plan. 


Our goal, at the end of the program is that you have a Certified Canine Service Companion that meets your specific needs. 


What to Expect

To meet your goal will take lots of practice.  You will learn new skills from your trainer.  It might be a challenge at first, but Warriors are always up for a challenge, right!?  They will work one-on-one with you during your sessions. 

  • In between training sessions... you're still training!  

  • Be prepared to train your Service Dog in Training 4 times a day for at least 15 minutes per day. 

  • Your trainer is always available for questions, and you must submit at least one training video per week to them.  


From us, you will always have a commitment to:  your success, your confidence, and a Certified K-9 Line Canine Service Companion that will be with you for life. 


You will never be charged for any training costs in this process.

Fill out your application and be prepared to become part of the K-9 Line family.


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